Still here!

October 1, 2014

I’m sorry, been crazy busy, work, school, family, aliens, zombies, you know how it is! But don’t worry, I’ll get back on the horse an be posting again real soon! I wanna tackle the recent Marvel movies and some old school martial arts flicks, as well as some contemporary graphic novels, lots to come!


Been a WHILE!

October 5, 2013

It has been a long while since I last posted, sorry folks. I would make the usual excuses of things being crazy, etc. but that would be disingenuous of me: it’s a combination of inherent laziness and going back to work. Never fear! I have some placating art for you! These are from My Intellectual Heroes of the Dead experiment I have wrapped up, the premise of which is the rendering of a deceased intellectual hero in the veneer of a fantasy hero. Why? Because I’m a weirdo!

20131005-111712.jpgIt’s the “Wizard of Science” Albert Einstein. I am a fan of his work which allowed us to better understand the universe and paved the way for modern physics. I am also a fan of many of his maxims and sayings.

20131005-111732.jpgChristopher Hitchens, you died too young. I stand in awe of his masterful command of language and tone in his many public speaking appearances, and I enjoy his books. I have also considered him rather dashing, so I rendered him as a swashbuckling hero.

20131005-111805.jpgHow could I forget my first and greatest of intellectual heroes, Leonardo da Vinci, done up like Odin, one of my favorite gods from my favorite pantheon. He has been a great influence on my thinking as well as my art, and I have frequently cited him as being a prime influence in my life.

20131005-111829.jpgHey kids, it’s Socrates! Yes, the great thinker, philosopher, and rationalist from the ancient world! His maxims still stand up as great definitions of his vocation. And he also strikes me as a man of great courage, as I would likely not be able to do what he did in his place.

20131005-111917.jpgSam Clemens, aka Mark Twain, I love his novels and his quotes are hilarious and awesome!

Luby(s) Art: Luby and Son jam session!

March 19, 2012

20120319-112009.jpgMy son, Caelan, and I went to the optometrist today and he asked me to draw Luke Skywalker, and insisted I put a beard on him, so I did Jedi Luke, cause that’s his coolest outfit. Then he wanted me to draw him as a Jedi, but he was gonna draw the eyes!

Luby Art: Evil Dead 2: Ash!

March 15, 2012


Yes, that demon-killing maniac, Ash Williams from Sam Raimi’s excellent Evil Dead series! The films that made his career, in my opinion. I cannot express my fondness for these movies, Evil Dead 1, 2, and, of course, Army of Darkness. All the underlying structure drawn from horror, specifically Lovecraft (after all, the Necronomicon is in it!) the medieval elements in Army of Darkness (also a fan) and its inception as a D&D game Raimi played, (also also a fan) where demons overran the world. (at least, that’s what I’ve read…) I like the goofy crazed machismo of Ash and think he is one of my favorite of all characters, film or otherwise, and to me, no one could fit that role other than Bruce Campbell (despite also being shackled to it, like Ahab)

I dunno about the intended remake, I’ve read a lot on both sides, even from the same source. Ultimately, even if they do move forward with the remake, it will be set up to fail with exceedingly high standards. Either they will deviate to try and make it new and fresh, and thus alienate the die-hard fans, or they will try to top the first one by doing it one degree higher, and fall off the line between horror satire the first one walked, an thus be written off as simply silly.

At least that’s what I think…

Luby Art: Lovecraft: The Thing on the Doorstep: Asenath Derby

March 15, 2012


Asenath is the primary antagonist of the Lovecraft story, The Thing on the Doorstep. It is by her evil domineering machinations that Ed Derby is driven ultimately to his doom. Is she a sinister sorceress, or perhaps the most unwitting empathetic victim of them all? What is the strange connection between her and her deceased father, Ephraim Waite, long reputed to be a practitioner of the blackest magic?

Read The Thing on the Doorstep

Luby Art: Lovecraft: Nightgaunt sketch

March 8, 2012


I finally found a decent art app for my Android Archos tablet. Its not as good as the Art Studio app for my iphone, but it works. Plus I can incorporate the cool Sketcher Android app. This Nightgaunt sketch is the result. Its creepy and dark and the Sketcher app takes away some if the control, frees me up and lets me observe more than direct. Next, Asenath and Ash.

Luby Art: sketches

February 28, 2012


My Deep One sketch. With all the Lovecraft on the brain, I had to do one of his most well-known horrible creatures. I should have given it more protuberant eyes, though.

I cartooned Sir Clegis. I think he might actually look better as a cartoon.



Randolph Carters from The Silver Key. In this odd and reflective story, Randolph Carter, Lovecraft’s most frequent protagonist, ages naturally from 30 to 50, becoming embittered with age, but finding a lost Silver Key, sealed up by his ancestor with it he manages to mystically turn back into a 10 year old, and relives his life again, gaining a kind of prophetic quasi-memory of things to come. When he reaches the point when he disappears, he indeed disappears, but not to the past. It isn’t clear, but he has most likely gone into the Dreamlands and reigns as a king in Ilek-Vad.

And he still has the Key…


Finished Rats in the Walls again, super creepy; the horrible rumors, the awful crypt, the bones, and best of all, the protagonist/victim’s descent into madness and cannibalism at the end. This image I treated with a sketch which I then threw color on, trying to achieve the feeling of what the first of those that found him would have seen: a frenzy-eyed madman slathered in blood with gore dripping off his chin and pulsing between his fingers…

I put this here just to show how much a poor drawing can be improved (or rather, obscured) by a good color job.

Luby Art: Lovecraft: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath: Gug

February 24, 2012


Gugs are pretty freaky, but I took it in another direction. The Gugs have a city, have a cemetery, they have funerary rites, have religion, they have organization and/or military ranking, they have culture! Therefore, the must have clothes! I dressed him up in a Greek/Egyptian soldier outfit. I’m still trying to work out what kind of tools or weapons they would use, but I might come up with something…

Luby Art: Lovecraft: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath: MORE Gug sketches

February 21, 2012

I figured I’d try to take on Gugs by way of an approach I have yet to see attempted yet.
I was thinking along the lines, ” If Gugs have a city, and a religion, an a cemetery, they must have a culture. If there is a culture, they must have clothes.” so, I’m either thinking of the basic Greek/Roman/Egyptian sacklike tunic, or…

There is some degree of military organization to the Gugs, after all, they have sentries, and presumably a camp for the sentry to watch over. So, I was thinking of, again, ancient Greek or Egyptian piecemeal armor, looking somewhat like a gladiator. But, it is not creepy or scary enough, I need to work on that…

Luby Art: Lovecraft: The Thing on the Doorstep: Ed Derby

February 21, 2012


Ed Derby is the poor victim in the Thing on the Doorstep, and is made victim by succumbing to his curiosity for the dark arts. (this is a very common trope in Lovecraft, the others being fainting and cleansing bolts of lightning.) It is through his pursuit of arcane and forbidden knowledge that Ed is ensnared in his own private hell, and is forced to suffer mind-rending exposure to things man was never meant to know…